Auddia (AUUD) Experience Remarkable Upward Trend After Patent Award

During the current trading session, there has been a noteworthy surge of 253.50% witnessed in the shares of Auddia Inc. (NASDAQ: AUUD), reaching a value $5.05 per share. This sudden upsurge followed an announcement regarding patent approval, which has acted as a significant catalyst for the remarkable rise in AUUD shares.

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Auddia (AUUD) disclosed today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has bestowed Auddia with U.S. Patent 11,935,520 for its core AI technology utilized in its flagship faidr app to furnish ad-free AM/FM radio stations to subscribed users. Auddia is at the forefront of the AI domain with pivotal and patentable technology.

Commencing with the endeavor to train its algorithm to deliver a superior ad-free AM/FM listening experience, the distinction between filing a patent application and obtaining its approval is substantial. The issuance of this patent authenticates Auddia’s innovation and safeguards its AI for Audio technology as a proprietary platform, laying the foundation for further innovations to support additional industry-leading premium audio listening experiences.

Furthermore, in conjunction with the issuance of the new Patent, Auddia has progressed to advance the provisional patent application filed last year pertaining to the utilization of AI to enhance large language model (LLM) prompts and the domain-specific knowledge of proprietary GPTs. In February 2024, AUUD transformed the previously lodged provisional application into a non-provisional one, initiating the process for the patent office to scrutinize the application as the subsequent step towards obtaining patent protection.

As emphasized by the Company during the provisional application filing last year, the non-provisional patent application introduces two significant enhancements to the LLM domain. Firstly, the proposed patent claims encompass the development of novel machine learning algorithms utilizing the abundant data inherent in chat conversations to ascertain the optimization of prompts for more efficacious extraction of optimal results from LLMs.

Secondly, the patent encompasses the capture of AI-generated prompt improvements and the enriched outputs of LLMs to fabricate new GPTs endowed with industry-specific domain expertise. Auddia intends to employ this technology to devise focused domain-specific language models, ushering in novel B2B and B2C audio experiences.