Were There Any Significant Reasons Why The Aclarion (ACON) Stock Increased 27% In Extended Session?

As a result of the healthcare technology business recently receiving approval for a U.S. patent, Aclarion Inc. (NASD: ACON) has increased 27.03% at $0.7999 in after-hours trading hours on the latest check Tuesday.

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Which patent has ACON received permission to use?

For its US Patent Application 16/224,590 titled “Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy System and Method for Diagnosing Pain or Infection Associated with Propionic Acid,” Aclarion (ACON) earned a Notice of Allowance this month.

Conventional imaging (lumbar MRI) for chronic low back pain can provide useful structural data but has trouble locating the pain’s true cause. The Nociscan solution from Aclarion is the first evidence-based SaaS platform to assist doctors in noninvasively differentiating between painful and nonpainful discs in the lumbar spine. Chemical biomarkers linked to disc pain have been quantitatively quantified using Nociscan.

In order to determine whether a disc could be the cause of pain, biomarker data is fed into custom algorithms. Nociscan, when combined with other diagnostic technologies, offers vital information about the precise location of a patient’s low back pain, enabling doctors to better target their treatment plans.

The patent application 16/224,590 broadens the scope of the ACON patent portfolio by addressing the use of MRS to identify Propionic Acid (PA), a biomarker that the literature speculates would be suggestive of bacterial infection in a disc. When infection is the underlying cause of pain, this information may be crucial in assisting with the best therapy for low back pain. In certain situations, a successful course of antibiotic therapy by itself could exclude the requirement for surgical intervention.

How would the new patent help ACON’s growth?

The goal of Aclarion (ACON) is to provide clinicians with better data so they can decide how best to treat their patients. Aclarion is dedicated to setting the standard for clinical and financial evidence. ACON’s Nociscan product and the patent portfolio upon which it is based form the cornerstone of its leadership. The approval of this patent will widen ACON’s competitive advantage and provide it the chance to further its goal by examining if Nociscan can assist medical professionals in making the crucial diagnostic choice of whether to do surgery or administer antibiotics.

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